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The Number One Thing to Consider Before You Quit Your Job

Podcast: Real Estate Investor Health Care Options with Chad Creasey

Five years ago I transitioned from being a full-time employee investing in Real Estate on the side, to being a full-time Real Estate Investor and Syndicator. My greatest consideration before doing so was finding Affordable Health Care coverage for myself and my family.

Any investor who has dreamed of quitting their job and investing in Real Estate full time must consider this. Health care costs can be one of the largest line item expenses for any business. But understanding your options and plans available can be confusing and frustrating.

So I thought it would be helpful to bring in my health insurance broker, Chad Creasey from RCB & Associates, to break it all down for us:

  • What options are available to real estate investors

  • What are the pitfalls of choosing your own insurance

  • How to project whether you'll qualify for Obamacare subsidies

  • Who you can turn to for help

Open enrollment season is also coming up starting November 1st and running through December 15th. If you're going through a change in employment and need advice on finding your own health insurance, then you definitely need to have Chad on your team.

Best of all, when you go through an agent or broker for health insurance, there is no additional cost to you.

I'd also like to welcome Chad and RCB & Associates as new sponsors to this show. They're a strong supporter of the RPOA and I've been benefiting from Chad's advice for the past five years.

Chad can be reached by cell, email, or his website:

616-822-9286 |

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