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To insure or Not

With the health insurance mandate gone for 2019, you may be wondering if you should insure yourself or not. It may seem as though you could save money by not electing health coverage, but do you really know your options?

If you are young and healthy, the cost of insurance and the high deductible that comes with it could encourage you to play the odds. Maybe you are older and wondering if a basic plan covers the right services? Are there other options for your money?

The answer may be yes, but until you meet with a qualified agent, you will not know your options. Maybe a catastrophic plan is best for you. Maybe an HSA along with your insurance plan will make it more affordable? These are questions that the marketplace cannot answer for you.

Our suggestion is before you decide to forgo health coverage simply because the mandate is gone, sit down with us, either over the phone or in our Grand Rapids, MI office, and let our qualified agents look at options with you. Remember, open enrollment is now - so do not delay!

It costs you nothing for our guidance and we guarantee you'll be glad you took the time! RCB & Associates, LLC, specializing in Health Insurance for individuals and employer plans.

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