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Not surprising: Freelancers struggle to save for retirement.

Despite the fact that the majority of freelance workers say they’re doing well, that doesn’t change the fact that factors unique to their positions make it difficult or impossible for them to save for retirement.

And among those freelancers who say they’re doing “just okay” or are not doing well, the situation is even more pronounced.

And it’s something they worry about. More than half of freelancers (52 percent) say the lack of an employer-sponsored retirement plan was a concern when considering freelancing or becoming a solo entrepreneur.

That’s pretty major, considering the percentages who reported being worried about losing other employer-sponsored benefits like health care (54 percent), and their ability to generate work (63 percent).

Although the Harvard Business Review estimates that more than 30 percent of Americans are self-employed, sometimes it seems like nearly all personal finance advice is tailored to people who have stable, salaried jobs. Planning for your future is challenging when you don’t have employer-provided benefits or a fixed paycheck, but it’s essential.

To figure out how much you should be saving for retirement, it helps to work backward from what you’ll need to maintain a comfortable quality of life in old age. This article from Forbes has some good advice.

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