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A Family Matter

Teaching your children healthy behaviors can be challenging, and it takes the effort of the entire family to help your children maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our monthly newsletter has a wonderful assessment that can help you gauge where you stand now, and the action plan will help your family move toward healthier habits.

Here are the highlights from our assessment. Join our monthly newsletter here.

Healthy Eating

  • Children should strive for five servings of produce daily.

  • Children should limit unhealthy snacks and drinks.

  • Children should eat a healthy breakfast every day.

  • You should aim to prepare healthy meals at home five or more days per week.

Physical Activity

  • Children should get 30 to 60 minutes of physical activity on most days of the week

  • Screen time creates an inactive lifestyle, and should be limited to less than two hours daily.

  • Children learn from their parent’s behavior. Eating healthy meals as a family is important for promoting healthy eating.

  • Exercising as a family can help get your children excited about physical activity.

  • If children see their parents spending hours at the computer or TV, they will see that as acceptable.

A Family Matter

By making lifestyle changes as a family, not only will you help your children manage their weight and learn healthy behaviors, but your entire family will realize the health benefits of eating better and being physically active.

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