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Open Enrollment for 2024 ACA health plans starts November 1, 2023

Important dates to note:

November 1, 2023: Open Enrollment starts — the first day you can enroll, re-enroll, or change a 2023 insurance plan through the Health Insurance Marketplace. Coverage can start as soon as January 1, 2024.

December 15, 2023: Last day to enroll in or change plans for coverage to start January 1, 2024.

December 16, 2023 to January 15, 2024 is open enrollment for coverage effective February 1, 2024.

Did you know - it costs you nothing to use a qualified insurance agent?

Searching the web for your options and hoping you did not make a mistake (which may have $ penalties) or overlook coverage options you need, all take time and create worry.

A qualified agent, like ours at RCB & Associates, LLC, not only knows how to work with federal subsidies, we know how to guide you and streamline the offerings to find the right insurance fit for you.

Giving you peace of mind and finding you the best coverage for your needs, is our goal! Call us at 616-233-9050.

Need coverage outside of open enrollment?

You can still get health coverage if you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period due to a qualifying life event — like getting married, losing other coverage, or having a baby. Find out if you qualify.

Don't qualify for a special enrollment period? We've got you covered.

Short Term Coverage Apply for a short-term plan for part of the rest of the year. These plans are less expensive than many individual ACA plans but do not cover some of the essential health benefits such as maternity coverage. These plans are your best option if you don't currently qualify for a special enrollment period.

Medicaid & CHIP – apply any time

There’s no limited enrollment period for Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). You can apply at any time.

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