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Catch Up With Your Friends At RCB & Associates, LLC

You may feel like you've been out of touch with some of your favorite service providers during Michigan's "stay at home" order. We do too!

But maybe you sense it as we do, the windows are open and summer is here. You might be reaching out to family and neighbors more, and thinking about what is next. We thought you might be interested in refreshing yourself with our full list of service offerings. We've been away from each other for a while and things may have changed in your world. Our team is ready to assist you in any way we can!

With RCB & Associates whether you’re trying to find new health insurance, save money, or improve your coverage, we can help you. We have been serving customers since 2002 with the idea of providing the best of breed products and comprehensives services.

Our process

We secure quotes from multiple insurance carriers, compare plans and benefits, provide advice and recommendations from our experienced staff and finally assist in applying for the insurance coverage that works for you

Our obligation

We recognize that you have a choice! We have to be better. Our mission is to be the foremost provider of health insurance (group & individual plans), employee benefits, and related services.

Our products & services

  • Group Medical Insurance

  • Group Dental Insurance

  • Group Life Insurance

  • Group Long & Short Term Disability Insurance

  • Group Long Term Care Insurance

  • Group Vision Insurance

  • Voluntary Group Dental Insurance

  • Voluntary Group Life Insurance

  • Voluntary Group Long & Short Term Disability Insurance

  • Voluntary Group Long Term Care Insurance

  • Voluntary Group Vision Insurance

  • Voluntary Group Accident Insurance

  • Voluntary Group Cancer Insurance

  • Voluntary Critical Illness Insurance

  • Employee Assistance Programs

  • Cobra Administration Services

  • Flexible Spending Account Administration Services

  • Individual Medical Insurance

  • Individual Dental Insurance

  • Individual Life Insurance

  • Individual Disability Insurance

  • Individual Vision Insurance

  • Medicare

So, as we reopen and reengage, let us make sure your insurance needs are covered.

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