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Questions to Ask Your Doctor

The questions listed below are designed to help you maximize your health care dollars. These questions should not be used as a substitute for your doctor’s professional, medical advice.

Patients often accept their doctors’ advice without genuinely understanding what alternative treatments are available, and what—if any—differences there are in cost and effectiveness among those alternatives.

Asking questions can help you decide what treatment plan is best for both your health and your wallet.

Questions to Ask: General

1. Why is this treatment necessary?

2. How much will my treatment cost?

3. Can I be treated another way that is equally effective but less costly?

4. What is the current procedural terminology (CPT) code of this treatment so I can price shop this procedure?

5. What can I do to improve my condition?

Questions to Ask: Prescriptions

1. Why are you suggesting this specific dosage?

2. Is my prescription on my insurance’s approved list? Or, is this a specialty drug?

3. Can you recommend a lower-cost generic or over-the-counter drug as an alternative?

Taking notes in whatever manner is efficient for you is recommended. Many healthcare systems now offer online patient portals and visit records but it is wise to supplement with your own notes. Looking for the right health insurance can be daunting. We recommend using an agent to make your best choice. In Michigan, call our team at RCB & Associates at 616-233-9050.


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