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Understanding the Importance of Disability Insurance

One in 4 working adults will become disabled before reaching retirement age, according to data from the Social Security Administration.

Unfortunately, many workers are unprepared to lose their income or unable to afford unexpected medical expenses. Income or job loss due to illness or injury can devastate you and your family.

The risk of disability is greater than most employees realize. When you become disabled and lose time at work, your source of income can be eliminated. In addition to lost income, you’re most likely faced with increased medical expenses to address your disabling injury or illness.

Rising medical costs for treating chronic conditions, disabilities, and serious injuries make disability insurance more critical than ever. If you have more questions about our disability insurance benefits, please make an appointment with HR.

As for employees and the self-employed, in addition to their health and home, there is nothing more important than their ability to help protect their income. Employers considering financial protection products have a good reason to start with disability insurance.

Contact our team at RCB & Associates today and let us help you create the best plan for your employer group at 616-233-9050.


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